AMD boosts HD 7750 clock and cuts HD 7770 prices

/ 5 years ago

AMD has been tweaking its HD 7700 series of cards. First up the HD 7750 is about to get a whole lot more confusing, AMD is now going to be releasing a 900MHz variant of it which will consume 83W of power but have the same HD 7750 naming. This will be sold alongside the current HD 7750 which is at 800MHz with a 75W TDP. Both cards will have identical pricing of $109 each. For convenience manufacturers may adopt names such as the HD 7750-800 or the HD 7750-900 but it is important for consumers to be aware of clock speed changes, especially those looking for low power HTPCs or those wanting the extra performance.

AMD has also cut the price of the HD 7770, which now comes to market at $129 and with a copy of the game Dirt Showdown “worth” $50. It seems AMD is looking to make its HD 7000 series cards as attractive as possible before Nvidia come to market with their 28nm Kepler equivalents.

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