AMD brags about full DX11.1 support, trolls Nvidia in the process

/ 5 years ago

A few days ago, AMD posted in their blog about their full Direct X 11.1 support-  including improvements to Stereo 3D Support, Video processing, GPU Compute, 2D Rendering and power efficiency for Windows 8 with their Never Settle Drivers for their GCN based cards such as AMD HD 7000 series and the newer Firepro cards.

So AMD Radeon is marketing themselves? It all sounded very good until AMD pulled a couple of punches on Nvidia by questioning Nvidia’s Kepler based GPUs.

During March the 22nd, Nvidia said that their 28nm Kepler architecture supported DX 11.1 but then it was said by Nvidia that basically it supports 11.1 by putting Direct X 11 features through DX 11.1’s API -for gaming only.

AMD continues by saying that Nvidia did not support 4 out of 10 key technologies that is a part of Direct X 11.1- which are Target Independent Rasterization in 2D Rendering, 16x MSAA Razterization in 2D rendering, Orthogonal line Rendering mode and UAV in non-pixel-shader-stages.

As of now, AMD Radeon is all set with the Southern Islands’ release next year.

Source: AMD Blog


One Response to “AMD brags about full DX11.1 support, trolls Nvidia in the process”
  1. Wayne says:

    Yeah. Nvidia has short changed us all with the Kepler release, not that it’s a bad architecture but the GK 104 for example is actually a mid range chip & yet they have the bald face cheek to extort the consumer & charge a premium prices. While there’s nothing wrong with trying to make a buck but Nvidia should wear lime green balaclava’s. Thank heavens for outdated consoles with geriatric graphics processors, this means the savvy buyer needn’t upgrade their graphics card every time a new generation is released. Previous gen mid & high end cards are still more than a match for today’s latest pc games on their highest settings.

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