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AMD Confirms Ryzen 4000 & Big Navi October Launch Events

Following a little apparent teasing from AMD yesterday, there were more than a few rumors floating around that today would see Team Red make at least one big announcement in terms of some new and upcoming technology releases.

Well, you know that expression about waiting for a bus? Well, instead of having one announcement, we have two! Yes, coming in posts via Twitter, AMD has confirmed that their Ryzen 4000 desktop (Zen 3) processors AND their ‘Big Navi’ graphics cards will both be launched (or at least discussed in a lot more detail) this October!

AMD to Launch Zen 3 and Big Navi

The first event announced by AMD will take place on October 8th and will almost certainly see the official launch of their upcoming Ryzen 4000 desktop processor platform. In addition to this, however, AMD has also confirmed a second event on October 28th which will see RDNA 2 discussed which, by proxy, again almost certainly means we’ll get to see the official (and long-awaited) launch of their ‘Big Navi’ Radeon 6000 graphics cards.

What Do We Think?

Just to throw a very small wet blanket over this news, it is our assumption that both Ryzen 4000 and Radeon 6000 will be launched on those respective dates. While AMD has gone as far as to confirm that they will definitely be the subject of discussion for those events, they have not gone quite as far to nail them down as official reveals/product launches. Albeit, come on… we know this is what they’re going to be!

We should also point out though, for those of you not familiar with the term, a ‘launch’ is not the same thing as a release. All going well, however, perhaps both their new CPU and GPU platform could be arriving as soon as this November!

While the RNDA 2 event will undoubtedly spend more than a little time discussing it’s implementation in the new next-gen consoles, however, I daresay we’re all (probably) more curious to find out what we can expect in terms of their desktop GPU market and, in a nutshell, whether all the hype surrounding ‘Big Navi’ will genuinely put it in some at least relatively solid competition with Nvidia. Fingers crossed!

Mark October 8th and October 28th in your calendars though, because the news from Team Red is set to get very hot in the very near future!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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