AMD Could Delay Kaveri APUs to Q1 2014

/ 4 years ago


According to a report by Digitimes AMD may delay the next series of APUs, codename Kaveri, until 2014 instead of releasing them in Q4 of this year. Apparently manufacturing is starting later than expected and so the Kaveri APUs will need some extra time to be developed.

AMD’s Kaveri APUs are expected to arrive with Steamroller CPU cores, GCN GPU cores as well as a unique HUMA memory architecture derived from the HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) project. This would essentially allow for cross-sharing of RAM between the GPU and CPU.

AMD will only provide two A10 and one A8 Kaveri APU samples to its channel partners in December according to reports meaning the retail channel probably won’t be able to get enough stock until February to April 2014. AMD’s Kaveri platform will arrive on the A88X and A87X chipsets with socket FM2+ motherboards. AMD Trinity and Richland APUs will work with FM2+ motherboards but Kaveri APUs will not work on older FM2 motherboards due to a different pin lay-out.

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Image courtesy of AMD, information via WCCFTech

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