AMD CPU roadmap comes to light

/ 7 years ago

As we reported yesterday, AMD have already released information on their upcoming Fusion processors including specs and how shipping to manufacturers has already commenced.

Fusion, as we all know is going to be something quite special with its integrated CPU/GPU solution, forming an almighty AMD APU, but what else are we expecting from the CPU giant? A lot more it seems, with roadmaps being leaked at AMD’s Financial Analyst Day yesterday.

Information was shown on the upcoming AMD server CPU’s including the 2011 awaited Interlagos CPU’s which will feature an almighty 8, 12 and 16 Bulldozer cores. Another key feature of the Interlagos chips will be the quad channel memory controller which will make us all delve into our pockets for any loose change. All this will be running on a 32nm process.

Cache wise, we are looking at massive amounts, including 2MB L2 cache per core pairs, meaning that an almighty 16MB L2 cache will be present on the 16-core CPU. When it comes to the L3 cache, you will be looking at 16MB once again, on the 16-core bulldozer based processor.

As with all products lately, Turbo CORE is something that is getting everyone really excited and with a 500MHz increase, we can now tell that AMD really mean business.

As pictured for 2012, Terramar is the direction that AMD are heading, which will include up to TWENTY next-generation Bulldozer cores, whilst maintaining all of the above (if not improved) caches and process.

Most of us tech savvy nuts out there will appreciate the Notebook and Desktop roadmap more than the server, so it’s only fitting that we give you the low down on them too isn’t it?

As you know from our previous reporting’s, notebook’s will feature new APU’s starting with the Llano, Ontario, and Zacate based Fusion cores using a mixture of 32nm and 40nm manufacturing process. The direction that notebook APU’s will eventually be heading in will clearly show in 2012, with Trinity, Krishna and Wichita, which will give up to 4 CPU cores.

Trinity will be using Bulldozer next-generation cores, whilst Ontario, Zacate, Krishna and Wichita will all be using Bobcat cores, some with enhancement’s over others and all will feature a Dx11 capable GPU.

Saving the best till last in good fashion, is the roadmap for desktop CPU/APU’s, and with Zambezi will be the first on the market using 4-8 Bulldozer based cores with the same features of the server based cores.

Similarly named and based as the notebook roadmap, we can see the mainstream/essential and small form factor follow suit.

In 2012, we can see Komodo come into action with 8 next-generation Bulldozer cores. Trinity (just as the notebook roadmap) we can see 2-4 next-generation Bulldozer CPU cores and finally finishing off with Krishna AMD Fusion APU’s with 2-4 enhanced Bobcat CPU cores and Dx11 capable GPU on-board.

Krishna (Notebook and Desktop) will both be running on a 28nm manufacturing process and is a very exciting time for AMD.

It seems that the next 2 years will open a lot of doorways for AMD and personally I can’t wait for Intel to show their hand in retaliation.


6 Responses to “AMD CPU roadmap comes to light”
  1. tilica says:

    8 cores? I couldn`t get my hands on a 4 or 6 core to test it and they`re thinking going further?And still no news from Intel with "an answer" to this ?

  2. theothersun says:

    They are just trying to scare Intel. XD

  3. buburuza72 says:

    hahaha and intel will be so scared that they will throw another monster like 980x in this fight.

  4. Michael_L says:

    Now I'm tempted to save up for an interlagos-based pc next year:cool:

  5. buburuza72 says:

    too much money for new things. after release, 1 or 2 years, the prices will be high. but who knows what comes up? 😉

  6. thebigbadwolf says:

    theres sooo many things coming out its going to be hard to choose what we want

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