AMD cuts Phenom II prices

/ 6 years ago

Phenom II is technically ‘dead-and-buried’ now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still stock (and demand given the better core-per-core performance of Phenom architecture over that of Bulldozer). In an effort to clear remaining inventories AMD has enacted a wide range of price cuts which will make the Phenom II processors an even more attractive proposition price wise. The cuts affect: a single dual core model, six quad core models and two hex core models. The largest price cut takes the AMD Phenom II 965 X4 processor from $135/£85 to $115/£72 which would surely tempt any budget gaming enthusiast to stick with AMD. There was also an 8.8% price cut on the 1075T taking its price from $181/£113 down to $165/£103 which is extremely good value for a hex core processor. You can see the full extent of the Phenom II price cuts in the table below:

Source: CPU World

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