AMD Cutting Desktop CPU Prices

/ 5 years ago

AMD have a tradition of cutting their prices down incrementally over time. Not only does it help them shift a few more units but it also allows them to keep “old tech” attractive even when they release new models. Their latest round of price cuts is no exceptions and we can see some very attractive price drops from the AMD camp:


AMD has been cutting prices from the Llano FM1 platform, the Trinity FM2 platform, the Piledriver AM3+ platform and the Deneb AM3 platform. It is interesting to see AMD still cutting prices on the somewhat “ancient-but-legendary” Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition processor, now down to a tiny $81. This makes an excellent choice for anyone wanting four real cores and overclockability but doesn’t want to pay the premium for today’s technology.


The Llano platform has had the biggest cuts as AMD clearly wants to shift stock of the A6 3600, A8, 3800 and A8 3820. There are no cuts on the A6 3670K or A8 3870K as these two units are clearly selling well thanks to their unlocked multipliers.  Trinity also gets a discount and the A8 5600K being reduced by 9.9% is my favourite reduction.

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Over with Piledriver and AMD’s recently released FX 6350 and FX 4350 processors mean the price of their slower counterparts, the FX 4300 and FX 6300, have been hacked down. The FX 6300 sees a healthy 15% discount making it only $112, which is only $4 more than the FX 4300. The FX 8320 also gets a price chop of 9.5% making it more competitive against Intel offerings in the same price point.

What are your thoughts on this latest round of price cuts from AMD?


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  1. Smart move, wish intel would do the same thing with their new stuff on the way soon.

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