AMD desktop graphics roadmap analysis

/ 7 years ago

With all the new releases recently, I think it is worth looking back at AMD’s original roadmap for a quick refresh.

The first section, last year’s cards, should be familiar to everyone, so no futher expansion is needed, aside from the usual stuff about them being the first AMD DX11 compatible cards and having some new features including Eyefinity, Accelerated Parallel Processing Technology (at the time was Stream Technology) among other features that we all know and love.

The second column shows the current and near-future releases; the successors to the 57xx series, 6850 and 6870, which released last week with slight performance increases, and the upcoming successors to the 58xx series, the 6950 and 6970 “Cayman”, to be released shortly.

Moving to the third panel, the cards from the second panel remain in production, though are joined by 3 others, the low-powered turks and Caicos cards filling in the bottom of the market, while the 6990 “Antilles” succeeds the 5970 with a dual GPU design, most likely based on the 6970.

This looks like an promising lineup, let’s just see if AMD can stick to their launch schedule…

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