AMD And DICE Talk Consoles At GPU 14 Event

/ 4 years ago


At the GPU 14 conference AMD discussed a little bit about its console prospects, though the focus of the show was mainly stolen by the PC platform. That said with AMD now inside the upcoming generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft AMD is hopeful that it can cash in on the huge revenues to be had in the console market, shown in the above graph. With AMD offering developers so many tools they really believe that AMD inside your consoles will trigger a new era for gaming.

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DICE explained some of the advantages for consoles as part of their Battlefield 4 discussion – which include a lower overhead OS, a simpler graphics driver and more explicit controls of system memory. They point out the overall benefits of the console but also the unique benefits achievable from AMD’s advanced GCN architecture implementation allowing them to do new things with graphics that consoles simply could not do before.

Images courtesy of eTeknix via AMD LiveStream

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