AMD Drops R7 260X Pricing With R7 265 Launch

/ 4 years ago


With AMD introducing lots of new cards to the R7 series they’ve decided it is time to readjust pricing. Today the R7 265 has been launched and with a price of $149 it makes the R7 260X uncompetitive at $139. As a result AMD have made the wise decision to drop the price of the R7 260X to $119. AMD’s R7 Series now has the following MSRP pricing:

  • R7 265 – $139.99
  • R7 260X – $119.99
  • R7 260 – $109.99
  • R7 250X – $99.99
  • R7 250 – $89.99
  • R7 240 – $69.99
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Of course the pricing of these cards will vary by retailer and by the model in question as AMD’s board partners will choose to modify the cards in many ways. Either way we can say that the AMD R7 series looks a significant amount more attractive than it did when it was first released. What do you think of AMD’s complete R7 series and the product pricing?

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5 Responses to “AMD Drops R7 260X Pricing With R7 265 Launch”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    How long will the pricing remain like this with crypto-currency miners buying these cards in their droves?

    • Fir2box says:

      miners aren’t going to buy low powered cards from the r7 line.

      the 7900 line is where its at for mining.

      • Skidmarks says:

        Don’t believe it. While the R9 series is the card of choice, miners will settle for R7’s when R9’s aren’t available. I’ve sourced dozens of R7’s for them upon request.

        • jackalopeater says:

          Yeah, if that card mines like the 7850 you’re looking at >370kh/s and at that price it’ll be hard to pass up with the jacked up prices on the r9 series.

      • Well.. for $400 one can get 2x270x which will yeild much better kh/s. Hence now they are attacking the R7 series.

        Well.. it does not matter for guys in India, no one is into bitcoin mining and bitcoins are banned in India by the RBI (Reserve Bank Of India)

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