AMD EPYC CPUs Revealed at Computex 2017

/ 10 months ago

AMD EPYC CPUs Revealed at Computex 2017

Computex 2017

We’re hear at the AMD press conference at Computex 2017. We’re super excited to see what they’re about to reveal over the next 60 minutes or so. Will we see the next-generation of Ryzen CPUs, such as Threadripper? We certainly hope so. Even more importantly, we’re expecting to see something from their VEGA GPU lineup, although we’re not expecting a release date, more just a brief reveal.

30 Years in Taiwan

Lisa Su has taken the stage now, and is happy to be celebrating 30 years of AMD and their long-standing presence here at Computex and in Taiwan in general.

A quick introduction of some of their existing product announcements. Here we can see Ryzen, Vega, Epyc, and more.

Time to get Epyc

Epyc is the new flagship enterprise solution CPU from AMD. Designed with a multi-core design for the most demanding workloads. Of course, these CPUs are build around the Ryzen architecture.

They offer more cores, and more performance than rival hardware at this time, although Intel may have more coming very soon too.

Built for enterprise, the CPUs are designed for server deployment.

From internet services, to databases, the Epyc CPUs are at the cutting edge of what AMD has to offer right now.

While we’re taking AMDs word on performance, the CPUs will launch on June 20th, 2017. That means we will not have long to wait to see what they can really do. Will it be Epyc? We hope so!

Lisu Su showing off a real Epyc CPU!

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