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AMD Extends Radeon 6000 Reference Design Production

It’s never uncommon that reference-based graphics cards (produced directly by AMD or Nvidia) often don’t have a particularly long production cycle. Put simply, while the manufacturing of the hardware and PCBs continues as normal, after a certain point they often prefer to allow custom AIB partners (such as EVGA, MSI, or Gigabyte) to continue solely with their own tweaked variant designs.

Given the exceptionally short supply of graphics cards at the moment, however, there were more than a few concerns from consumers that with AMD officially ending their own production cycle of Radeon 6000 reference graphics cards, supplies would’ve worsened even more in the coming months.

Well, following a report via Videocardz, the good news is that, at least for the next few months, AMD is set to continue making their own reference GPUs.

AMD Extends Radeon 6000 Reference Production

With the confirmation of extended production of AMD Radeon 6000 reference graphics cards, this should, all going well, help consumers get hold of the graphics cards and, even more ideally, with more models potentially available at something closer to the originally announced MSRP prices. It doesn’t exactly too much of a mooch to see that custom designs are almost universally notably more expensive!

It should be noted though that this isn’t a permanent move. This is merely a stay of execution and likely around February or March, AMD’s official production of the Radeon 6000 (in terms of their in-house and ready for shelves graphics cards) will be ended.

It is, however, nice to see that someone at AMD has noticed the problem, listened to consumers, and best of all, found a way to try and keep things as good as possible for the next few months!

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Mike Sanders

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