AMD Fiji XT Pictured – Shorter than I Expected

/ 3 years ago

AMD Fiji 390X GPU

AMD’s latest Fiji XT graphics card has been pictured again. The picture of the reference card confirms a large number of rumours that have been circulating over the past few weeks. As somewhat expected, the PCB is extremely short compared to AMD cards like the 290/290X and the previous 7970/280X. The key factor to the short size is likely the HBM, or High Bandwidth Memory which significantly reduces the area required as well as moving it onto the GPU package. That just leaves the VRM and various interconnects on the rest of the PCB. Mini-ITX fans will be sure to love this card though they’ll have to either find a different cooler if they can’t accommodate the liquid cooling radiator.

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Another key clarification point is the confirmation of liquid cooling coming standard. On the left edge of the picture, you can see the coolant tubes connecting the 120mm x 120mm radiator to the coldplate. While the Radeon logo from the teaser video makes an appearance, the sides of the GPU appear to be more black than grey, though this could be a contrast issue. The GPU will also come with a backplate, LED lights for the Radeon logo and 2 x 8 pin PCIE power connectors. Along with the R9 295X2, this card may be one of the best looking reference designs AMD has put out in recent years.

Image Courtesy of OCN Forums

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3 Responses to “AMD Fiji XT Pictured – Shorter than I Expected”
  1. Derrick Cole says:

    amd go amd GO! (new AMD fan detected)

  2. Etienne Boutet boucher says:

    what it’s that dam ugly plate on the top of the card o.o

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