AMD Fiji XT is Being Tested Internally, Here Comes the Next-Gen Radeon

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Here we go, guys and girls – the first ‘official’ teases to AMD’s next-generation GPU codenamed Fiji XT. KitGuru and are reporting that Team Red are testing the new GPU internally, with the data base (which monitors imports and exports in and out of India) that AMD’s office in India has received a “printed circuit board assembly (video graphic card) C880 Fiji XT P/N.102-C88001-00”.

This is the first Fiji XT sample that has been sent to India, so we should be cautious about this – we’re not going to hear anything official for a few months yet. And with NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 900 series kicking all sorts of ass, AMD is going to want – nigh, need – to get this card right. The fight is going to be with AMD’s Radeon R9 390X, and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 980 – that is, however, if NVIDIA doesn’t jump over the GTX 980 and release a next-gen GPU sooner.

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Source: KitGuru.

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