AMD FreeSync CrossFire Support Delayed

/ 3 years ago

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When AMD’s anti-screen tearing and adaptive framerate FreeSync technology was launched as a rival to NVIDIA’s G-Sync last March, it was limited to single-GPU support. AMD’s Red Team promised support for CrossFire – the company’s multi-GPU configuration – by April, but with the month now come and gone with no sign of multi-GPU support, AMD has now issued a statement on the matter:

AMD fans have been outspoken about their love for the smooth gameplay of AMD FreeSync™ technology, and have understandably been excited about the prospect of using compatible monitors with the incredible performance of an AMD CrossFire™ configuration.

After vigorous QA testing, however, it’s now clear to us that support for AMD FreeSync™ monitors on a multi-GPU system is not quite ready for release.

As it is our ultimate goal to give AMD customers an ideal experience when using our products, we must announce a delay of the AMD Catalyst™ driver that would offer this support. We will continue to develop and test this solution in accordance with our stringent quality standards, and we will provide another update when it is ready for release.

With no timeframe projected for CrossFire support, we could be waiting a while until we see it, but if it means a flawless, bug-free system, I think most gamers would gladly take the hit.

Thank you WCCF Tech for providing us with this information.

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