AMD FX 8570 and HD 8970 Show Up In CPU-Z Database

/ 4 years ago


Haswell clocked at 7GHz showed up recently in the CPU-Z database, all thanks to the excellent efforts of Ocaholic and their rigorous archival searching, through thousands of CPU-Z validations. Now it appears they are onto another gem as their most recent efforts have uncovered evidence of an AMD FX 8570 CPU and an AMD HD 8970 GPU.

According to the above CPU-Z validation there is evidence of an AMD FX 8570 CPU processor based off the 32nm Vishera silicon, probably the Piledriver design. It features similar core specifications to the other AMD FX 8 core Piledriver processors except with a higher clock speed of what appears to be 4.3GHz stock. For reference the FX 8350 runs at 4GHz stock and the FX 8320 runs at 3.5GHz stock.

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On the other hand there is also a HD 8970 graphics card spotted with the FX 8570 processor, this graphics card reportedly uses Direct X 11.0. This seems strange since the HD 7970 used Direct X 11.1 and it is unlikely AMD would go backwards down the Direct X 11.1 API with the release of a new graphics card series – it seems more likely that it is a CPU-Z validation error (that is if it is even a HD 8970 at all).

As with all speculation and leaks like this, we advise you to take the information with all the relevant precautions. However, it is still nice to speculate, what are your thoughts on the FX 8570 and HD 8970 processor validations? Real or fake?


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4 Responses to “AMD FX 8570 and HD 8970 Show Up In CPU-Z Database”
  1. Granger M says:

    I think someone is trolling, it also says a Crosshair VI Extreme (which also doesn’t exist)

    • Doesn’t exist and not released to the public yet are two different things…

      • Granger M says:

        Sure, but if you follow a little what Asus Republic of Gamers do, you’ll notice that the CH Formula is always released and tested before the Extreme.
        Also, the CH V didn’t get an Extreme version, instead it got a Formula Z. So I can imagine that it will go the same way for the CH VI.
        Still think its a troll, even if you are probably right.
        What makes it look like a false test is not only the CH VI Extreme, but also a newer CG running on an older version of DX.

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