AMD FX processor to make a return

/ 7 years ago

AMD will reuse “FX” for its Bulldozer-based processor to challenge Intel Extreme Edition,as DonanimHaber reported.

Previously,FX series processors were existed as the AMD high-end flagship products.But subsequently with the strong momentum of Core series from Intel,AMD turned to middle market and FX began to be phased out.

However,now Bulldozer processors will be based on the brand-new architecture after K7/K8,so AMD is quite confident in it and reuses the brand “FX”.

And therefore,Bulldozer-based processor will adopt “FX” as its brand name,and dual-module/tri-module six-core processors will be named as VISION Ultimate FX,while quad-module eight-core processor will be called VISION Black FX,which are mainly designed for challenging Intel Extreme Edition series processors.

Source: Expreview

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