AMD FX series available on pre order

/ 6 years ago

AMD’s highly awaited FX Bulldozer processors are ever closer and as of today have been spotted on an American website available for pre-order. AMD fans will be able to buy their processors up to a month in advance and if the delivery system isn’t overloaded many enthusiasts could get access to the chips on the day they are officially released if not a few days earlier. The retailer that is offering this currently is BLT (Bottom-line Telecommunications) who are retailing the:

These new processors still represent fantastic value as we have come to expect from AMD, 6 cores based on the latest 32nm architecture for just $188 is reasonably priced. The clock speeds are also impressive with the top end FX-8150 coming in at 3.6GHz, the FX-6100 is at 3.3GHz and the FX-8100 at 3.1GHz all 8 core processors come with a large 16MB of cache and the 6 cores with 14MB of cache. Official market availability is an unconfirmed date in mid October and for optimal performance these new bulldozers should be used with 900 series chipset motherboards which are currently available and have been available for a few months now.


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