AMD Gaming Evolved App Gets H.264 Recording Feature, Fights ShadowPlay

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Nvidia’s ShadowPlay software is well-known for its ability to hardware encode H.264 video in-game with minimal degradation to performance. In fact, up until recently there has been nothing (other than an external PVR) that could rival Nvidia’s ShadowPlay feature, we reviewed ShadowPlay a few months ago right here.

However, a lot has changed recently as AMD has enabled H.264 video encoding through the Gaming Evolved App. The latest update (v3.9) gives AMD’s Gaming Evovled app rival functionality to Nvidia’s GeForce experience and ShadowPlay. Unlike Nvidia’s GeForce Experience and ShadowPlay AMD’s app can record only 10 minutes at a time while Nvidia’s equivalent can manage 30 minutes. AMD’s implementation should be very similar with a low overhead hardware level recording mechanism using the built in H.264 encoder. AMD has also added the ability to Twitch stream to the Gaming Evolved App and has redesigned to UI of the program to make it more user friendly.

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If you have an AMD graphics card it might be worth giving the newly updated Gaming Evolved App a try right here.

Source: AMD

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