AMD gives HD 7950 BIOS update to compete with GTX 660Ti

/ 5 years ago

AMD is slightly worried about the release of the GTX 660Ti. The castrated version of the GTX 670 still poses a significant threat to the HD 7950 at the same price point. As a result AMD is giving the HD 7950 a bit of a makeover – kind of “GHz edition” style but not quite near the GHz level. With the new GTX 660Ti coming in at the £250 level and the HD 7950 currently sitting at the £260 price point AMD knows they need to offer a lot more performance to be competitive. The update is much like that of the Radeon HD 7750, which got its core frequency increased from 800 to 900 MHz in a specifications update. The company released a new BIOS ROM image file which works on all AMD reference design Radeon HD 7950 graphics cards, which implements the new specifications.

The new BIOS update boosts the AMD HD 7950 clock speed to 850MHz from 800MHz with a boost speed of 925MHz when an applications needs the extra power. AMD’s PowerTune technology controls the dynamic clock changing. Memory is unaltered at 1250MHz actual and 6GHz effective. Since this is a BIOS update nothing physical has changed, the update should work with all reference HD 7950’s but do so at your own risk.

A download link is provided, thanks to TechPowerUp for that.

Download here.



One Response to “AMD gives HD 7950 BIOS update to compete with GTX 660Ti”
  1. lol why does AMD need to boost the speed of its second fastest card – to compete with nvidia`s mid range oO

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