AMD hacks down prices on all processors

/ 5 years ago

Well we’ve known AMD hasn’t been performance competitive with Intel for a long time now, since Sandy Bridge’s release in 2010. One thing that AMD does do well though, is remain price competitive. AMD’s latest move will see that happen even more so than normal. The latest round of price cuts affect Llano FM1 APUs, FX AM3+ Bulldozers and AM3 Phenom IIs.

All Llano APUs get at least 10% shaved off their prices, with the A6-3670K getting the best price chop at 20% off. Bulldozer is getting its prices flattened too, with 9.6% to 17% off. The 17% off comes for the 6 core FX-6100 model.

Interestingly AMD is still cutting Phenom II prices. Clearly it wants to shift every last chip from its last generation. If you haven’t found the need to pick up a Phenom II X4 955 or 965 then now you might be swayed. They generally beat Intel’s Core i3s in most tests, and now cost only $81 and $91 each – you really are getting fantastic value for money.


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