AMD “Hawaii XTX” R9 295X Confirmed – 3072 GCN Cores

/ 3 years ago


3 days ago we heard the news that there could be a new AMD flagship single GPU graphics card incoming. The rumour had it that this new GPU was to be based on a “fully utilised” variant of the Hawaii GPU, known as Hawaii XTX, the current R9 290X is Hawaii XT. Now VideoCardz reports that this rumour has been confirmed by their industry sources. As expected the Hawaii XTX card will have a fully enabled Hawaii GPU which means 48 compute units, a whopping 3072 GCN cores, 192 texture mapping units and 64 render output units. Other than that we aren’t 100% sure what the name of the card will even be. The initial expectation is that it will be the R9 295X but it could also be the R9 290XT or something else along those lines.

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The card will likely compete with Nvidia’s flagship GTX Titan Black or GTX 780 Ti, but with a much lower price point. An extra 128 GCN cores over the R9 290X may not seem like much, but if AMD can get the cooling right (which they clearly didn’t do with the R9 290X) then it could make a huge difference. Pricing will most likely start at $600+ since the R9 290X costs $550. Pricing will probably be dependent on the type of cooling solution the cards receives – a water cooled model might start at $700. It is also quite possible AMD will not release a reference version and leave it up to board partners to release custom ones.


Source: Videocardz

Image courtesy of DG’s Nerdy Story, Table courtesy of Videocardz

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4 Responses to “AMD “Hawaii XTX” R9 295X Confirmed – 3072 GCN Cores”
  1. Wayne says:

    Yeah it’s as interesting as watching molasses run. How about some new silicon for a change AMD?

    • revanchrist says:

      What are you smoking there huh? nVidia’s Kepler is much much older than AMD’s Hawaii. Both are pushing out new architecture by the end of 2014/early 2015, so what are you complaining for a better 290X for now, loser?

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