AMD HD 7600M, 7500M and 7400M GPUs released

/ 6 years ago

AMD and Nvidia have both launched their mobile GPUs of the ‘next generation’. Like Nvidia, AMD is producing its low end HD 7000 series from rebranded HD 6000 series GPUs. As you can see from the table above AMD is reusing GPUs one naming step down to form part of the new HD 7000M generation. All HD 7600M, 7500M and 7400M models will be based of recycled HD 6000M architecture. It would also appear AMD is scrapping anything lower than HD 7400M since low end GPUs are not required anymore as the mobile APU parts are taking over that segment of the market for AMD.

In terms of the memory used expect the budget models so HD 7400Ms and most of the HD 7500Ms to have DDR3 and then the performance HD 7600Ms and some of the HD 7500Ms to have GDDR5. Clock speeds are still undetermined but probably will not different greatly or at all from the previous generation chips since they are identical.

Source: AnandTech

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