AMD HD 7990 due in July

/ 6 years ago

Speculation about the HD 7990 was rife for quite a long period of time until the news of the HD 7970 X2 dampened the flame. Now it seems speculation is flaring up again as VR-Zone report that AMD’s dual GPU monster is inbound for a July launch.

For those of you who unaware of the specifications, the HD 7990 is essentially a HD 6990 replacement. That is, a dual GPU card based on AMD’s fastest single GPU – the HD 7970. The HD 7990 will feature two Tahiti XT GPUs, clock speeds are not known although its possible we could see HD 7970 925MHz or HD 7970 GHz edition speeds. It’s also possible AMD could implement a BIOS flip switch, like on the HD 6990, that switches between the higher and lower clock speed profiles.

The HD 7990 by expectation packs 6GB of GDDR5, 2 X 3GB. However, effective memory size stands at 3GB as in dual GPU cards each GPU’s VRAM mirrors the other GPU. But the HD 7990 still packs 50% more VRAM than the GTX 690. We might even see special edition versions of the HD 7990 with 6GB of VRAM per GPU, meaning 12GB in total.

We expect AMD’s HD 7990 to have a signficant advantage over the GTX 690 for a number of reasons. AMD’s new Turbo technology for its GPUs which it implemented on the new HD 7970 GHz edition should allow it to outperform each GTX 680 GPU. The HD 7990 packs a wider memory bus allowing for more memory bandwidth which is important which such high performance dual GPU cards like these.

According to sources, AMD’s HD 7990 is already sampling to selected partners in preparation for a second half of July launch. Retail price is not known and we can’t give you any more details for another few weeks until we find out from AMD details of the launch.


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