AMD HD 7990 to launch at Computex 2012

/ 6 years ago

Nvidia is on the verge of launching the GTX 690 as we have already seen here and here. Yet AMD has decided it will hold out on the release of its GTX 690 equivalent, the HD 7990, until June’s Computex 2012 event in Taiwan in  about 6 weeks time.  This means that Nvidia’s GTX 690 will get around 4 weeks more market exposure before AMD, perhaps allowing Nvidia to regain some ground they lost to AMD bringing out their 28nm architecture first. The codename for the HD 7990 is New Zealand as aptly shown by the teaser picture below.

As expected the HD 7990 will encapsulate two fully fledged HD 7970s onto a single PCB much like with the HD 6990 except the BIOS overclocking switch won’t be present as the 28nm technology doesn’t have such vast power and heat to tame like the HD 6000 series did. With a monstrous 6GB of GDDR5 memory and 4096 GCN cores the HD 7990 will be able to run 6 screen eyefinity set ups straight out of the box, although we’re not sure if they will be able to squeeze 6 display outputs onto the rear panel.

Source: DonanimHaber

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