AMD HD 7990 Will Be Discontinued In Q3 For Newer Releases

/ 4 years ago

asus_amd_hd_7990According to fresh reports from Overclockers Russia AMD is going to be discontinuing the Radeon HD 7990 in Q3 of this year to make room for newer product releases. The AMD HD 7990 was only released on April 23rd this year and if discontinued in Q3 it will have barely had a shelf life of 6 months. Apparently production is already being closely controlled ready for a total discontinuation. While we saw the non-AMD HD 7990 come in late August 2012, I am quite surprised the AMD variant is going out the door so early.

The AMD HD 7990 offers significantly better power and thermal efficiency than the earlier HD 7990 models released by AIBs like Powercolor. The AMD HD 7990 has proved popular due to the extensive game bundle AMD offers with it.

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This latest leak/rumour is a pretty big hint that new AMD graphics cards are coming this year. Expect some AMD GPU action to come in Q3 of this year. Be sure to check out our news story that details the arrival of the HD 9000 series in October of this year. The timing seems pretty convenient as it coincides with the discontinuation of the AMD HD 7990.

Image courtesy of ASUS

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2 Responses to “AMD HD 7990 Will Be Discontinued In Q3 For Newer Releases”
  1. d6bmg says:

    Their future road-map forced them to to that..

  2. Sam Nicko says:

    it’s about time, kinda late here to unleash the new monsta.

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