AMD HD 8000 series detailed

/ 5 years ago

AMD launched the HD 7000 series back in December 2011 and it seems they are already planning the launch of the successor, the HD 8000 series, for Winter 2012. The “Southern Islands” codename GPUs of the HD 7000 series are succeeded by the “Sea Islands” HD 8000 GPUs. The new flagship GPU is expected to have 5.1 billion transistors on the 28nm TSMC manufacturing process, which is an 18% improvement over the current 4.3 billion. Yet AMD are expecting to gain a healthy 40% performance boost with just 18% more transistors, impressive stuff if true.

The raw specs of the HD 8000 architecture is rumoured to be 2560 stream processors, 160 texture units (TMUs), 32 or 48 ROP units (ROPs) and the same 384-bit memory bus. AMD’s new flagship is likely to continue with the GHz frequencies. The new GPUs will represent the maturity of the 28nm process, the rumoured Tahiti XT2 which we thought would turn up in the HD 7970 GHz edition may possibly turn up in AMD’s new HD 8000 series.

Source: Softpedia


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  1. Jurge92 says:

    First, I want to see the 7990…

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