AMD Introduce FX 6350 and FX 4350 Desktop Processors

/ 5 years ago


Back at the end of last year AMD released two new processors to its FX series in the form of the FX 6350 and FX 4350, both of these parts were reserved as specifically OEM-only parts – meaning sold in trays or in pre-built systems. It wouldn’t of been impossible for you to get a hold of them as a few smaller retailers and sellers were selling them individually, but any big and reputable retailers wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) of been selling them. Now AMD has decided that it is going to bring the FX 6350 and FX 4350 processors to the retail channel, a.k.a in a box for you to buy individually with a full AMD warranty at big websites like Amazon, Scan, Ebuyer, Newegg, NCIX, etc.

Both the FX 6350 and FX 4350 are based on the 32nm Vishera silicon, and the second generation Piledriver micro architecture design. AMD is going to be targeting the $130 and $140 price points with MSRPs of $122 and $132 for the FX 4350 and FX 6350 respectively. Both parts have some incredibly impressive clock speeds for such affordable CPUs. The FX 6350 features a stock clock speed of 3.9GHz with a 4.2GHz Turbo frequency, 6MB/8MB of L2/L3 Cache and a TDP of 125W. The FX 4350 features a clock speed of 4.2GHz with a Turbo frequency of 4.3GHz, 4MB/8MB of L2/L3 cache and a 125W TDP. Both parts feature unlocked base-clock multipliers, modern instruction-sets such as AVX, AES-NI, SSE4.2, SSE4.1, FMA2, and XOP.

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Availability is immediate in the retail channel and you can already find these parts listed at (FX 4350, FX 6350). What are your thoughts on these two new CPUs from AMD?


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3 Responses to “AMD Introduce FX 6350 and FX 4350 Desktop Processors”
  1. d6bmg says:

    Good move by AMD.

  2. d6bmg says:

    Great pricing, specially when I consider their latest price-drop.

  3. I’m really disappointed by the lack of memory bandwidth on the FX processors (on the bulldozer models anyway) or i’d get this

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