AMD introduces its XMP-equivalent “AMP”

/ 6 years ago

Intel developed its own brand of memory support for Intel chipset motherboards a while back. The XMP profiling system pre-loads memory with a compatibility profile that means memory will work with any Intel motherboard that supports XMP. Making memory as simple as plug and play, which is great for those people who have experienced that installing RAM doesn’t always “work”.

Now AMD is looking to match this offering that Intel has had for a while with its own equivalent. “Originally” named AMP, AMD Memory Profile, the AMP looks to replace AMD’s previous semi-failed attempts at creating memory profiles. AMD’s previous attempts include the Black Edition memory profiling which never really took off and the Patriot made AMD branded memory modules.

The first AMD motherboard partner to jump on board with the AMP memory support is ECS, they now have certified AMP motherboards. Expect other motherboard partners and DRAM manufacturers to start certifying their products for this new compatibility standard in the near future.

AMP will be a new standard offered in addition JEDEC and XMP memory profiling. Do you think this is a good move by AMD or just another certification to confuse most consumers?



2 Responses to “AMD introduces its XMP-equivalent “AMP””
  1. a little bit confusing. If AMP memory bring better perfomances to AMD CPU machines it can be a good move by AMD. Does major third part motherboard manufacturers will follow ?

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