AMD intros Catalyst 12.8 CAP 3, 12.9 due next week

/ 5 years ago

AMD is always working hard to make its drivers better for its graphics card customers. With the introduction of version 12.8 Catalyst Application Profiles (CAP), expect AMD cards to perform better in CrossFireX across a wide selection of the latest games.

The new and updated AMD 12.8 CAP 3 features added profiles for new games like Borderlands 2 as well as fixes for recent games like Guild Wars 2 and Dirt Showdown.

  • Borderlands 2 – New CrossFire profile
  • Guild War 2: Resolves grass texture corruption observed when changing graphics settings in a CrossFire configuration
  • World of Warcraft(DX9): Fix the flickering observed when view distance is changed to fair in graphics settings when CrossFire is enabled
  • Depth Hunter: Resolves shadow flickering seen when running in CrossFire mode
  • Dirt Showdown – Resolves flickering seen in CrossFire mode
  • Stalker Call of Pripyat – Resolves flickering seen in CrossFire mode
  • War of Roses – Fixes flickering seen in CrossFire mode

It is also expected that AMD will release Catalyst driver package version 12.9 at some stage next week which should bring some welcome performance boosts for HD 7000 series graphics cards as well as bug fixes for older series graphics cards.


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