AMD investing in cloud gaming

/ 5 years ago

When Nvidia announced the “GeForce GRID” initiative back in May, linked with cloud gaming service Gaikai, it comes as no surprise that AMD has no announced a similar move of its own. Just yesterday AMD announced to the public that it had made an investment into a company called “CiiNOW” – who are a cloud gaming technology company.

Given the fact the cloud gaming market is expected to reach $81 billion by 2016, we think its a smart move by AMD to diversify and try and cut itself in on some of the action. “AMD Ventures” has invested in CiiNOW  in return for them being powered by AMD Radeon HD graphics. Funnily enough, CiiNOW was initially started by funding from Nvidia.

CiiNOW offers cost-effective, end-to-end solution includes the full suite of required hardware and software components. CiNOW delivers a high-speed, low latency streaming solution with up to eight HD streams per server blade, and up to 272 HD streams per server rack for HD-quality game streaming.

What’s interesting is that CiiNOW is just a technology platform for providing low latency game streaming, its not an actual consumer service so it will be interesting to see which companies decide to use the CiiNOW platform to offer cloud gaming services.



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