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AMD Issues RX 6000 Scalping Advice to Retailers

There’s no need to sugar coat it, as it’s clear to all, but the Nvidia RTX 3000 series launch was and still is a disaster. It’s not so much Nvidia’s fault either, as much as a wider problem with online retail. What started with bots used to buy rare drops of shoes is now a massive online community of bot users and scalpers. More people are even taking the “if you can’t beat em join em” approach, only making the issue worse for everyone else. It’s an on-going battle, but what is AMD hoping to do to win the next round?

While Nvidia used captcha on their own store, then eventually just shut the damn store, it clearly wasn’t enough. It’s not helped that pure supply and demand are out of whack too. A LOT of people want new AMD and Nvidia cards right now.

If the buzz in the industry is right, and it often is this close to a launch, then AMD has something good for us. If AMD can get stock into the right stores, keep the bots at bay, and get cards into consumers hands, it could really turn the tide for them.

It has been revealed that AMD has been contacting various retailers. AMD tells their resellers to use bot detection, captcha, apply limits, and other techniques. Will they be enough? Maybe at some retailers, but I have my doubts. There needs to be something “new” that the scalpers haven’t seen before, and right now, I’m not seeing it. Still, at least they’re being up front about the issue.

Peter Donnell

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