AMD launches Bulldozer but has no stock

/ 6 years ago

Bulldozer Delayed yet again?

AMD officially launches Bulldozer tomorrow but an insider source says that AMD does not have any stock ready for the launch. It is not uncommon for AMD to fail to produce stock on a big launch day, the same thing occurred with Llano and the HD 6990 earlier this year. The bad news is that “High End” FX processors like the FX-8150 are said to be due for the end of October so all the enthusiasts out there will be very disappointed if this is the case. The more entry level Bulldozers are said to arrive before then probably within the next week.

We are also informed that some UK retailers are trying to acquire stock from the USA in order to have stock ready for the launch week. Price wars have already begun between the big retailers but they will not be able to ship out any stock until this alleged issue is resolved. Watch this space.

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