AMD Launches Polaris Architecture Website

/ 2 years ago

AMD Launches Polaris Architecture Website

With both Pascal and Polaris coming out so close to each other, we’ve been bombarded by many leaks over the past few weeks. Despite a few vague hints, most of our information comes from leaks and the few official tidbits tossed our way. We’re finally getting a little bit of more information from AMD today as they have launched a new web page dedicated to their Polaris architecture.

Overall, the page doesn’t offer many more details, other than signing to be notified when Polaris launches, the rest is mostly a rehash of the key points of Polaris. These are the new and improved 14nmLPP FinFET process, GCN 4.0, FreeSync, Premium Game Streaming, HDR Ready, GPU Open, XConnect and Next-Gen Display Engine(DP 1.3, HDMI 2.0b). Of course, there is also mention of VR, something AMD is pushing heavily.

AMD GCN 4 Polaris

More intriguing are two die shots AMD has inadvertently revealed on the page. Of course, AMD was careful enough to obscure any details but we can make a number of conjectures. First, we have the title graphic which appears to show a chip that is the right size for Polaris 11. Another pic appears to show Polaris 10 as it doesn’t match any other known AMD GPU. With the site up and running though, it looks like we’re in teh final stretch before Polaris finally launches.

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