AMD Making ARM-Based G-Series SoCs

/ 4 years ago


AMD’s latest G Series of embedded System on Chips (SoCs) were released with an interesting addition, that is an “x” denoting the product positioning. What does the x stand for you might ask? Well it stands for “x86” according to AMD. Well, that might seem like a case of stating the obvious, because all AMD currently produce are x86 processors.

However, AMD have stated that the x isn’t redundant because apparently they will also be making versions without an x. The versions that don’t have the x will be ARM based units.

AMD’s Arun Iyengar made a comment a while ago which is now starting to make more sense as the pieces fall into place:

“Ultimately, we’re going to have x86 and ARM in our product portfolio.”

So we can probably expect AMD to release a series of G Series APUs/SoCs in the not so distant future that feature ARM processing – this means they will be capable of running a native Android OS among many other operating systems that support ARM. Ultimately, we don’t expect it will take much longer for them to expand this ARM design to other products that are more consumer orientated because the G Series is very much a business and enterprise solution.

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What are your thoughts on AMD venturing into the ARM SoC and APU market?


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One Response to “AMD Making ARM-Based G-Series SoCs”
  1. d6bmg says:

    Good marketing strategy by AMD. Hopefully it will do some good to the struggling company.

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