AMD May Be Preparing a 590 Graphics Card

AMD May Be Preparing a 590 Graphics Card

If you’d have asked most people in the PC tech industry, they’d have said that you shouldn’t expect a new graphics card from AMD until at least the middle of 2019. Yes, Nvidia with the launch of their 20XX range seemed to have got the timing really well. There is, however, one little problem that Nvidia has. Their 20XX range of graphics cards is extortionately expensive!

Given that the 2080 is only ever so slightly better than the 1080TI, but costs nearly twice as much, consumers are being a little hesitant to make the upgrade. Oh sure, the people who need the latest tech will make the upgrade, but for those of of who are simply looking for improvement, it’s hard to make the case. Well, for the 2080 at least.

In a report via PCGamesN though, it seems that AMD might be set to surprise us by releasing a new graphics card very shortly!

The 5XX Range

The 5XX range of AMD GPUs represents (aside from the Vega’s) the most recent line of graphics cards from team red. While they are, on the whole, decent cards, they lacked the performance to effectively keep up with the 10XX series. To put this into context, the AMD 580 only just hold par with Nvidia’s 1060.

The X90 range was first hinted at during the 4XX series run. At the time it was believed that a 490 was in development and that in terms of power, the difference would be about the same as seen between the 470 and 480. Not huge, but substantial enough to make you think.

The 590 Could Be A Smart Move

AMD seems to be making a lot of smart moves at the moment. We’ve already seen them delay the release of the Ryzen 2800X to put it in direct competition with Intel’s new processors. Given that supply issues are ramping up the price and effectively delaying Intel, this could pay off hugely for AMD.

On similar ground, if the AMD 590 can perform on a level around the Nvidia 1080 (maybe even the TI) but only cost around £300, then people will be switching to team red in their droves! I know I certainly would!

This is, of course, all speculation as AMD has not yet formally announced anything and even the source is only made via some digging in the updated Linux code. The AMD 590 could, however, be a surprising and much welcomed late visitor to the party!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!


Mike Sanders

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