AMD phase out FX-4100 CPU, replaces it with FX-4130 with and improved stock heatsink

/ 4 years ago

AMD will no longer be offering the AMD FX-4100 processor from now onwards. However, with the same price of £80 including VAT, you will be getting the FX-4130 in its place.

AMD’s FX 4100 is a processor with a 125W TDP whereas the 4130 uses a 95W TDP. According to what AMD says, they found 3-9% performance difference on the FX 4130 at their default clock speeds.

That’s not all, the AMD FX 4130 would be coming with an improved stock heatsink where the chip-maker says that they were able to achieve stable clock speed with “several” MHz, but more than what the AMD FX-4100 can be achieved with its stock cooler.

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Although as points out by Bons via Facebook in the specification below, it should be noted that the FX 4130 is .2GHz lesser on base clock and 2MB L3 Cache short in comparison with FX 4100.

The following is the specification of the processor and in comparison with FX 4100:

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  • Either the table’s wrong or someone can’t read as the table say’s it’s 0.2GHz FASTER and 4MB less L3 cache. Anyone know which is correct??

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