AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Processor

/ 7 years ago


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Ever since the beginning of time, there have been competitors within the computer industry, and without them it would fall straight on its backside.

That’s why we (review sites) encourage a bit of competition, as it means better products come out at a faster pace, to try and be the leader of the pack. This is a prime example between AMD and Intel who have been fighting for the processor crown for as long as i can remember.

We used to see processor launches every so often, but now we are sometimes shown them once a month (not that we’re complaining).

Intel have held back a back with their product focus mainly being on Sandybridge, so instead they had a reshuffle and dropped some product lines and brought the prices down on others to get in line with their competitors; hence we see processors from a year ago drop dramatically in retailers. AMD however, have been releasing more and more CPU’s onto the market, especially with the X6 range of Phenom II’s with the flagship being the 1090T clocked to 3.2GHz and a turbo speed of 3.6GHz all for around the £190 mark.

The next logical step would be to bring out something to succeed the 1090T with a faster clock speed. That’s where the 1100T takes over as AMD’s latest flagship processor.


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3 Responses to “AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Processor”
  1. buburuza72 says:

    190 doesn`t sound so bad for that 3.6 turbo speed. but when we`ll see stock speed from AMD at least 3.8 at this price then i`ll consider it 🙂

  2. HeXeN says:

    why not make stable 4 point 0 😀 GHz CPU? Naah Whole pace gathered by the competition between Intel and AMD is good for prices of older models. But what with multi threaded apps? You pay for the 6cores and only few of apps can take advantage of it? That's why i'm using x2 low power CPU in my HTPC. Am I wrong when i will say that i can count those apps with all my fingers ? BTW 190Ł holy smokey! that's almost whole my computer price 😀

  3. sheer fe4r says:

    I bet you can clock that up even higher, but still, any 6 core processor is beast. I love AMD processors, so cheaply sold which makes it good for people like me. Great review, thank you.

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