AMD Piledriver pricing revealed

/ 5 years ago

AMD’s next generation of desktop processors are due for release very soon. The second generation of 32nm processors from AMD, codenamed Piledriver, will continue the Vishera FX platform on the AM3+ socket and with the 990FX chipset.

Now what you all came here for…

An American retailer has leaked some information about the price of AMD’s new line of processors. AMD will release four models, the FX 8350, FX 8320, FX 6300 and FX 4300. They will cost $253, $242, $175 and $131 respectively.

If we now check the pricing of “Bulldozer Equivalents” we see that the FX 8150, FX 8120, FX 6100 and FX 4100 cost $190, $160, $120 and $109 respectively. So there are indeed some significant price hikes from AMD towards the higher end – notably on the 8 cores processors whilst the 6 and 4 core processors are only marginally higher.

As expected, with AMD implementing resonant clock meshing technology, clock speeds are much higher than the previous generation. Power consumption and wastage is hopefully reduced dramatically too.

AMD’s flagship comes clocked at 4GHz out of the box. We are surprised at high price of the FX 8320 that leaves you with 0.5GHz less performance on each core compared to the FX 8350, 28GHz of total processing power instead of 32GHz. By that logic most people, if they want to get Piledriver, should go with the FX 8350 instead of the FX 8320.


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