AMD Preparing The 5GHz Centurion FX Processor, Cost $795

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AMD has been somewhat noncompetitive of late when it comes to the enthusiast segment of the processor market. Arguably its FX 8350 achieves general parity with the i5 3570K but everything higher than that seems to leave AMD trailing in the distance. That said it is understandable that AMD is focusing primarily on APUs and graphics cards with its typically gamer friendly methods that involve the Never Settle (Reloaded) bundles.

Despite AMD’s FX processors being overshadowed by Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-E, AMD hasn’t lost hope in them just yet. This rumour is a bit of a spectacular one but our industry sources would suggest it is actually realistic. AMD is apparently preparing a Vishera based Super FX processor which is codenamed the Centurion. This CPU from AMD will be guaranteed to run at 5GHz on air cooling, although the exact specifics of voltages and supporting hardware required are unknown.

These chips will probably represent the absolute créme de la créme of the Piledriver production process and have been cherry picked to hell and back. 5GHz on air will certainly be an impressive achievement, something even Intel’s 2500Ks struggled to match in most cases. Yet, there is a HUGE catch, and we mean HUGE. Sources indicated that this limited edition AMD Centurion Super FX processor will have a price tag of $795. If you consider you can currently pick up at FX 8350 for $200 then paying $795 for what is a glorified and more overclockable FX 8350 is eye watering. We are hoping AMD have done more than just cherry pick because power consumption and temperatures will need to be on the money if this chip is to be competitive.

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It certainly isn’t going to be one for the mainstream user, but for the die-hard AMD enthusiast I can see this being popular. What are your thoughts on the AMD Centurion?


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  • Actually AMD eventually will conquer CPU and GPU market soon.
    Believe me.

    • AMD used to conquer the CPU market until intel realesed the i series CPU. But yeah i can see them soon conquering the market in CPU and GPU especially with the APU’s. They could put NVIDIA out of the business because soon they will be replacing low-mid range cards

  • while i would like a high end AMD CPU, for that kind of price it should be more, like integrated PCIE 3.0 controller with at least 40 lanes, maybe more cache, and quad channel DDR3, something to compete with Intel’s X79 platform.

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