AMD Promises Better Coolers On HD 8000

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According to a report by AMD is preparing better coolers for their HD 8000 series, compared to the HD 7000 series. Apparently,

“The next coolers are better. Although I can not go into detail for the next generation, however, we have some changes made ​​to the cooling system. The cooler the Radeon HD 7900 series was in fact no great shakes.” said Devon Nekechuck, Product Manager for Graphics Desktop at AMD.

The HD 8000 series GPU coolers will be better than their predecessors but not as good as those models offered by AIB partners. AMD does have a tradition of stepping up its game with regards to GPU cooling as they were the first to introduce vapour chamber cooling on their HD 6000 series graphics cards, something Nvidia then introduced on their GTX 500 series cards shortly after. Since then Vapour Chamber has been the standard for both AMD and Nvidia.

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AMD stressed that it wouldn’t attempt to make these that attractive because this is more expensive than people think, and it doesn’t want to end up making cards as expensive as Nvidia’s GTX Titan or GTX 780.

AMD was “ not interested in [making] their own reference design attractive – and thus connected: costly – to make ”.

AMD stresses that it wants to maintain strong relations with its AIB partners and allow them to continue to make custom solutions that are significantly more attractive than the reference design. Naturally if AMD or Nvidia ever made cooling solutions that trumped the Direct CU II, Windforce 3X or Twin Frozr coolers then they could jeopardise their AIB partner relationships.

Image courtesy of AMD

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  • Jurge92

    Just hope their not too far away…

  • Wayne

    AMD coolers are adequate at stock speeds if a little noisy

  • Jason Philip Smith

    I don’t care if it’s not pretty as long as it doesn’t sound like a jet plane.

    • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

      Not sure if card cooler
      or a spooling jet engine.

      • d6bmg

        yeah, lol

  • d6bmg

    Who cares about stock cooler. Very few people would eventually use the stock cooler and would think about it.
    All we, the users want is performance, not a better cooler.

    • d6bmg

      The 3rd party companies i.e. partners would made the better custom cooler anyway..

  • tudor_76

    cooler is essential to extract all dribbles of power existing in a chip. If cooler is bad then the card subperform.

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