AMD quietly slips out HD 7670 rebrand

/ 6 years ago

AMD has begun shipping the HD 7670 to OEM partners in bulk. However, it is simple a HD 6670 brought forward with the times under the new naming strategy of the HD 7000 series. It still functions off old 40nm GPU core technology so you won’t be seeing any changes in performance or power consumption.

The HD 7670 has 480 VLIW5 stream processors, a 128-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface holding 512 MB or 1 GB of memory, 24 TMUs, 8 ROPs, and clock speeds of 800 MHz core, and 4.00 GHz memory. The GPU is expected to feature in some big OEM desktop systems such as HP, you can see the product page of this ‘new’ product, here.

Source: Anandtech

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