AMD R9 280X And HD 7970 Can Be “CrossFired”

/ 4 years ago


Technology publication Hardware Canucks report that it is possible to CrossFire the AMD R9 280X and the AMD HD 7970 GHz Edition graphics cards using the latest Catalyst 13.11 AMD drivers. What this basically means is very little has changed between most of the R9 2XX series and the HD 7XXX series so CrossFire will be a real possibility with older HD 7XXX series cards. In this case the R9 280X works just fine with the HD 7970 – for optimal performance it is ideal that you match clock speeds but that isn’t essential as the higher card will automatically downclock to pair with the lower clocked card when running 3D loads.

This also paves the way to other R9 2XX cards being used with their HD 7XXX counter-parts. Of course these other combinations aren’t verified yet but they probably will be soon. The R9 270X (Pitcairn) should work with the HD 7870 (Pitcairn not Tahiti LE) in CrossFire, the R7 260X should work with the HD 7790 in CrossFire and so on. This is great news for anyone who may want to upgrade their current HD 7XXX series card to a CrossFire set up in the future. It is also nice that AMD drivers let you do it because AMD could easily have altered the RX 2XX series so that this isn’t possible. Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t do that in future, but here’s to hoping they do not.

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Image courtesy of Hardware Canucks

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  • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

    BY the looks of it, 7970 >R9 280X

  • Sandy Xavier

    R9 280x + HD 7970 = Goku + Vegeta …

  • Michael Crow

    Dunno much about how crossfire works, you state that the R9 card downclocks itself to match the 7970, But the stats for the 280x look pathetic compared to the 7970 in that screenshot.

    • Ryan Bloch

      It’s in 2D mode obviously

    • In a CrossFire configuration when only running moderate 2D or even 3D loads the second card will often downclock to save power as part of AMD’s ZeroCore technology.

      • Michael Crow

        thanks for that answered my question nicely

  • Logan S.

    Does this mean that my HD7870 XT will be able to crossfire with the R9 280X, since it is capable of Crossfire with the HD7970?

    • No it will not from what I’ve heard the only cards that can CrossFire with an R9 280X are the HD 7970 and HD 7970 GHz Edition AFAIK.

      • Logan S.

        Oh well, I would’ve bought one if I could CrossFire, but if not, there’s no need to buy a new card for a while.

  • Justice Anceaux

    300mhz for GPU clock for the R9XXX is that right??

    • one GPU is downclocking as its not being used

  • E Phuoc Hoang

    and i suppose you can also crossfire r9 270x with 7950? at least i hope so

    • Nope. R9 270X is based on Pitcairn meaning it is a 7870. You can only CFX with a HD 7870.

  • Lars

    LOL!! look at the release date…..