AMD R9 290X 4K Teaser On Bioshock Infinite

/ 4 years ago


In the run up to the launch of AMD’s R9 290X, which is happening “soon” – that’s all we can say, AMD have given us the go ahead to release a little snippet of our data. AMD have stated we can reveal the performance of the R9 290X GPU in BioShock Infinite at 4K against Nvidia’s GTX 780. Thanks to AMD’s generosity we were able to do our own 4K testing on the Sharp PN-K321 32 inch 3840 x 2160 display. Below you can see our results of the benchmark AMD is allowing media publications to release. Interestingly our results show the AMD R9 290X is 19.98% faster than Nvidia’s GTX 780 on Bioshock Infinite at 4K with very high detail settings.

AMD also provided us with their own results where they achieved an average of 44.25 FPS with the R9 290X and 37.67 with the GTX 780. Those results suggest the R9 290X is 17.5% faster than the GTX 780. Of course AMD’s test was run at Ultra with Ultra Depth of Field whereas our 4K tests were more sensible aiming to give the smoothest playable 4K framerates so we opted for “only” very high.

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We will have plenty more to come for you in terms of the AMD R9 290X – we will have a full review and we will also have a 4K “gaming showdown” – both of these will go live on launch day (whenever that is!) . That showdown will include appearances from the mighty fine AMD R9 290X pictured above, the Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X which we reviewed when the R9 280X launched a while back, Nvidia’s flagship GTX Titan and Nvidia’s GTX 780. We will test all four GPUs across a range of graphically intense titles to help show you what current high end GPUs can really do at 4K.

In the mean time stay tuned to eTeknix as you’ll be able to see all the AMD R9 290X action here first.


Image #1 courtesy of AMD and image #2 courtesy of eTeknix

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12 Responses to “AMD R9 290X 4K Teaser On Bioshock Infinite”
  1. Sean Patrick DeMarco says:

    Wow Nvidia got ***** here but since I am not playing at 4k for a very long time I honestly don’t care. I will take Nvidia and physX at 1080p over AMD.

  2. Mhamed Kaka says:

    Hihi, R9-290X crossfire.
    I’m not replacing these bad boys until 14nm comes out.

  3. GH0ST_SE7EN says:

    So I guess Titan comparisons are out? This 290X is a joke if all it’s going to do is compete with a card that’s already 5 months old. Way to blow it AMD, all Nvidia has to do now is shift the Titan to the 780 price point, 780 to 770, 770 to 760 and you’re behind by 20% again, lol.

    • Well I hate to point out the obvious here but the Titan is 10% faster than the GTX 780. This shows the 290X is around 20% faster than the GTX 780. I think we know how this will stack up against the Titan (no comparisons are not out with the Titan yet it is still NDA’d).

      You say Nvidia would have to shift the Titan to GTX 780 price point. That will never happen. You really think Nvidia is just going to axe $350-400 off the RRP of the Titan? I don’t think they will. Even so I still think the GTX Titan will remain a competitive card even if it costs more because Nvidia have a very strong brand loyalty and it has 6GB of frame buffer.

  4. Insane says:

    I’m pretty sure my GTX 780 can beat that with just a few “adjustments”, but well… i’m just looking at an image right now, while my GTX 780 can actually be tested, so untill we see other reviews and benchmark.

    • Arne Olai says:

      No, your 780 won’t beat that with adjustments, and even then, you can overclock the 290x and increase the performance.. As Titan is around 10% better at gaming than 780, and 290x is 17% in this benchmark, we can expect the 290x to fulfill its name, The Titan Killer

  5. Don says:

    I would like to try that myself with my Mac Pro on Dell 4K. How did you set it up?

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