AMD Radeon 6700 series launched or rebranded?

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[COLOR=#000000]When AMD released the 5700 series cards, they were the first of the next generation of cards from the red team. The 5750 and 5770 Juniper based cards are still fantastic selling cards to this date and it would only make sense for AMD to move forward. This is where the 6750 and 6770 enter the market and become listed on the AMD website.

It seems that AMD have simply re-branded the 5700 series cards and just added HDMI 1.4a support to stay fresh. Since these cards will only be available to the OEM market, the general consumer markets will remain focused on the 5700 cards. Though this is the current situation, it doesn’t mean this is gospel and this could change at any time.

The 6750 will feature 720 stream processors, whilst the 6770 has 800 and both feature GDDR5 on a 128-bit memory interface and both cards will keep the 5700 clock speeds.

We also managed to secure this table showing the comparison between the 5700 and 6700 series cards from our friends at ChipHell:

You should see these appearing with OEM stockists as we speak but retail may find these cards coming to market at a later date.[/COLOR]

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