AMD Radeon 7870 2GB Graphics Card Review

/ 6 years ago

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To date the most powerful graphics card available on the market is with no doubt AMDs 7970 and along with that we have seen a whole host of new and improved technologies come forth with the 7000 series GPUs. So far this year we have seen the launch of the worlds fastest single chip card launched followed not too long ago by the 7000 series entry level cards which offer up impressive 2D performance with a respectable price point.

Now from those that have been watching the AMD graphics card numbering schemes, there is a gap that is to be filled and this lies with the 7800 series. This mid range set of cards are there to offer up the same 7 series technologies that are found across the board, but more crucially offer a better and more balanced bang for buck in comparison to the rest of the 7 series range.

This bang for buck performance level should hopefully make the 7800 series cards overall more popular to the end users who don’t want to shell out the mega bucks for the top of the range yet don’t want to feel compromised by buying a cheaper card the is on the entry and lower end of the performance spectrum.

As with any reference card launch we will be going straight into the grit of the card as the packing and bundled extras are what the partners include with their offerings which we will see coming up very shortly.

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3 Responses to “AMD Radeon 7870 2GB Graphics Card Review”
  1. Kansjarowansky says:

    In Page 13 (Temperatures) you typed "the 7970", I think it should be 7870

  2. victor says:

    test metro 2033 max settings with dx 12?? please

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