AMD Rolls Out Radeon Adrenalin 17.12.2 Drivers

/ 4 weeks ago

Earlier in the month, AMD released a complete remodelling of Radeon Software. As part of the annual refresh, update 17.12.1 introduced us to Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition. The new update offered Radeon Overlay, OSD, performance monitoring and in-game controls for Radeon Settings and ReLive. To fix some of the new bugs introduced in the big update and some old ones, AMD is releasing 17.12.2. Furthermore, the new driver is a beta optional release as you might expect.

About a third of the fixes relate to the new Adrenalin release. Radeon Overlay is getting a performance metric display bug fixed while Region recording in ReLive gets fixed. For application specific bugs, Star Wars Battlefront II, Netflix and Ark Survival Evolved all get stuttering or corruption fixes. Finally, GPU Display scaling, XConnect and 3×1 Eyefinity display configurations get stability fixes. It is very nice to see fixes for Adrenalin Edition arrive so soon after release.

AMD Quick to Tackle Adrenalin Edition Bugs

For known issues, about half of them are from the new update. Reset in Radeon Settings is not working properly in some languages. The new overlay is also causing some issues when turning the display on and off as well as with some FreeSync displays. For old bugs, Rise of the Tomb Raider has stability issues as does Radeon Settings when using CrossFire. Other than that, most of the bugs are older ones from 17.12.1 and before.

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With any luck, the new driver will arrive sometime in early January. AMD is committed to a new WHQL release every 2 months or less (6 a year) so that won’t arrive until late January or early February. Hopefully, AMD will be able to iron out the bugs from Adrenalin Edition. Since AMD moved to the new update model, don’t expect any major feature updates until late next year. On the upside, support and bug fixes are coming much faster than before. You can find the full release notes and download links here.

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