AMD Radeon GPU’s In Short Supply Due To Mining Popularity Boom

/ 4 years ago

AMD Radeon R9  290X (11)

Cryptocurrencies are literally one of the coolest things on the planet right now, and just like a gold rush people are flocking in big numbers to strike it rich by mining the coins. The main component of doing such a thing is AMD graphics cards and while they can be mined well on Nvidia hardware, AMD hardware performs significantly better at the task.

The price of BitCoin, LiteCoin, WorldCoin and no doubt many others is booming fast as the scene heats up, people are running ASIC miners, cooking GPU’s, building epic mining rigs, all in the name of turning some computer time into cash, some with greater success than others.

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Personally I think most mining systems are a waste of time these days, but that hasn’t stopped people trying to get in on the action. Of course the real winner here is AMD and I can bet they’re not upset about the recent boom in popularity for their GPU’s.

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  • Skidmarks

    I agree. No point in building a mining system if you can’t recoup or profit from the outlay but that’s not gonna to put a lot of gamblers off. Personally I’d only be interested if I was guaranteed at least my money back and that’s never gonna happen. That said, I do have the parts at my disposal to build such a system but I couldn’t be bothered.
    When all the excitement dies down prices ‘should’ return to normal.

    • You can quite easily. Scrypt mining is profitable. Im mining about $18 of coins per day at an electricity cost of about $3. By my calculations +$15 a day is profitable. It may not be much but every little helps 😉

      • Skidmarks

        Good luck. 🙂

      • Jace

        That covers your power, not your parts though.

        • I’m a GPU reviewer. The cost of my parts is 0 :D, no but seriously even for other miners if you buy cheap efficient cards (HD 7950s/R9 270Xs) then it is still profitable. Although its getting less and less profitable so I’m sure if the money would be made back fast enough. The ROI used to be about 15 days now its over 30-35.

  • γιαννης

    i will just leave that here.. no wonder why amd doesnt have many cards left lol