AMD Radeon HD 7730 Detailed Performance And Specifications Revealed

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While we’ve seen news about the HD 7730 pop up a few times we’ve yet to see anything concrete in terms of accurate benchmarks and specifications of the new AMD GPU. That said we now have that information courtesy of 4Gamer.


AMD’s HD 7730 will replace the HD 6670 and offer a cheaper alternative to the HD 7750. It uses the Cape Verde LE GPU core with 1.5 billion transistors and a 123mm squared die size. You can see detailed specifications of it below in comparison to competing solutions.HD_7730_3

Below you can see the details of the early testing of the HD 7730. It is clear that the new AMD GPU is about 25% slower than the HD 7750 while it is around 10% slower than Nvidia’s GDDR5 GT 640 though it is faster than the GDDR3 variant. The power consumption is also pretty good and as a successor to the HD 6670 the card is on average 10% faster with marginally reduced power consumption. If AMD gets the pricing right there is no reason why this card won’t become a favourite for budget gamers and small form factor system builders. Expect a price around 10-20% lower than the HD 7750.

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Game Benchmarks

HD_7730_4 HD_7730_5 HD_7730_6 HD_7730_7 HD_7730_8 HD_7730_9 HD_7730_10 HD_7730_11 HD_7730_12


Power ConsumptionHD_7730_14

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