AMD Radeon HD 7890 Tahiti LE Due For Christmas?

/ 5 years ago

A few rumours have been floating aroudn recently in regards to AMD working on a new 7800 series graphics card, though with a 28nm Tahiti core opposed to the usual Pitcairn silicon we’d expect to see on this range of cards.

The 7890 as its been dubbed will be branded as Tahiti LE to denote of its lower spec core position within the AMD lineup of 7800 and 7900 series of cards.

Though no specifications including clock speed and memory bandwidth is known yet, initial information does suggest the card will be around 15% faster than a GeForce GTX 660 while being competatively priced at the same time.

No word on availability just yet, but for AMD, it seems Christmas would be the best bet to release such a product to the market.

Source: EXPreview


One Response to “AMD Radeon HD 7890 Tahiti LE Due For Christmas?”
  1. Wayne says:

    This sounds great. I hope AMD doesn’t pare the Pitcairn core to the bone like nVidia’s done with the GK104 in the GTX 660 Ti. If AMD still use the 256 bit bus & 32 ROP’s but only take the scalpel to a few cores & reduce the clockspeed a bit I wouldn’t hesitate to discard my GTX 660 Ti in favour of this.

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